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The difficulty of spotting nests

It's hard to see shorebird nests, especially when they are just forming the nest or have laid the first egg and aren't yet incubating. That's why people see us searching along the shoreline when we know the birds are trying to nest, because they are simply so hard to spot.

We currently have 5 pair of NZ dotterel and one single one, 4 of the pairs have semi-established territories and have scrapes, of those 2 pair now have eggs. One pair is incubating and we expect chicks sometime between 21 and 29 Nov; the other pair have just laid their first egg on 18 November (pictured above) and won't start full time incubating until all eggs have been laid.

Cordon's are set up, and signage is where there are eggs. Be kind and share the beach with these tough little endangered birds!


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