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Subantarctic visitor to Snells Beach 7 September 2021

At 8:40 a.m. I noticed a fur seal swim ashore at Snells Beach. I was later informed it was a subantarctic fur seal based on colour and nose shape! There were two people there initially, one called DOC and other organisations, which resulted in an animal control warden arriving to help keep people a safe distance from our visitor.

Later people came from Forest and Bird and other organisations. Michele Mackenzie gathered cordon gear and arrived to continue protecting the young pup and to film him swimming off in the early evening. She took a lovely video of him leaving and posted it on her facebook page

DOC has called for sightings of these seals, see for more information.

The photos below were taken by Alan France:

Below is a drawing of the seal which you can download and colour if you wish.

Download PDF • 730KB

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