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Silver Eye Image by Alison Griffiths

Pest Free Snells

Snells Shoreline Conservation Community has been hard at work on the pest management front (both flora and fauna).    We are excited to have been given a grant by Predator Free New Zealand and to have the support of Auckland Council,  Forest and Bird Warkworth, and Restore Rodney East.   All of whom have helped us get started with traps, trapping plans, and educating us about trapping.

We are currently working on getting trap boxes, traps and other items ready for deployment, we expect to be ready in the September/October 2022 timeframe due to delays in getting some materials.   Don't hesitate to apply/contact us in the meantime.

Rat Image by Daniil Komov

I would like a backyard trap

We are gathering applications for those who would like a trap, with the plan to have 1 backyard in every 5 trapping rats and mice in the main residential areas of Snells Beach; and on larger blocks a few trapping mustelids and possums as well.   

Heron Image by Ray Hennessy

Report a catch

For those with backyard traps you can either enter your trapping successes here or via the app.  For those already trapping if you wish to add your trapping data on you can do so by requesting to join here: and request to join.

Help with Trapping Image by Brett Jordan


Forum for backyard trappers to ask questions or offer help.   The forum is moderated by a couple of friendly locals, they don't sit all day at their computers so if you report a forum post as inappropriate it may take a bit of time to remove it.   You need to login to write posts.

Backyard trapping 

As a backyard trapping programme in an urban area, we want to make sure that pets, children and non-target species are kept safe. We have done research on traps and safety, and the traps we have chosen for our programme are widely used in urban areas across New Zealand.  If you have very young children, pets or chickens, you may want to speak to a SSCC representative to help you choose the most appropriate trap and installation.  


All the traps we recommend have passed the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) guidelines, which means they kill humanely and are easy to use and maintain.  

Monitoring progress is important, so we ask all our trappers to record their catches. This helps us to assess the effectiveness of the programme and identify gaps.  If you are already trapping on your property and wish to record your catches on to help us understand where trapping is already taking place and what is being caught:  Request to join our project on here

If you don’t want to handle dead pests, self-resetting traps such as the Goodnature A24 are also an option, the dead pest can be removed a shovel length away from you if it isn't scavenged first. However we can not provide these for free. They are available at many hardware stores and online at Predator Free NZ.


Not interested in trapping? You can also support the project by giving a donation to assist with our work. Interested in weeding or planting instead? Contact us and we'll keep you informed of any weeding or planting activities we have planned.

Interested in trapping on reserve land (requires Auckland Council approval), or helping neighbours by checking their traps? Please contact us.

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