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Pest Free Snells backyard trapping programme update

Snells Shoreline Conservation Community now has more than 40 individual traps under the backyard initiative and we have already had more than 120 catches. That's less rats, mustelids and hedgehogs predating our birdlife.

That is a great start and while it is hard to say if we are making a difference at this early stage, evidence from around New Zealand clearly shows that as backyard trapping grows - birdlife in backyards start to flourish.

Our Pest Free Snells programme plans to increase the number of backyard traps and we would like to see double the trap numbers and a growing number of catches within the next 12 months.

We will promote the backyard trapping programme later this month - so please pass the word on to people, family, friends, neighbours, etc who may be interested or share to your local social media groups. We still have more than 100 traps to get onto Snells Beach properties and reducing the predator population.

Backyard trapping tip

Recently we've seen a lot of rat captures are juveniles that are establishing their own territories and finding mates, which may make them more adventurous.

Good old peanut butter is proving very successful in tempting them into the trap. Keep trying and don't hesitate to move the trap around your garden if you think it's not very successful. If you have found other lures successful do let us know and we will pass it on to others.

Weasels seen at Snells Beach

There have recently been a couple of weasel sightings with one at a shoreline property at Snells Beach. Weasels could also be tempted into traps with peanut butter, although egg mayonnaise is a favourite for them. If you see a weasel, please contact us asap and we will come out and try to help catch it. They are a major problem for our birds.

Reminder for our Snells Shoreline Conservation Community backyard trappers

If you have caught anything and not reported it, please email us now and we will add it in to our data. You can also go to our Pest Free page and report a catch.

The more we can show what we have caught the more support we can get from organisations such as Auckland Council and Predator Free New Zealand.

Help and advice

If you need anything don't hesitate to contact us. We can come to you property and to replace any trap that does not seem to be working.

And remember to pass on the word about the Pest Free Snells programme.

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