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New predator traps and possums at Snells Beach

Updated: Jun 16

By Alan France

Thanks to the generosity of Predator Free New Zealand we have received another 50 traps for our backyard trapping programme. We are giving these away free so people in Snells Beach can help protect our native birdlife.

This year we have already reached our target of distributing more than 100 free traps into the community and the Pest Free Snells programme has now recorded more than 850 catches of rats, hedgehogs and mustelids.

Wooden trap boxes in a garage.
Snells Shoreline Conservation Community traps available for backyard trappers.

If you live in Snells Beach and want a free trap, either email Alan and Jan or go to our webpage and register under the pest free programme.

We will come out and show you how to set the traps and record your catches.

Recorded traps and tally throughout Snells Beach. The other category is data from self-setting Good Nature A12/24 traps. The bodies are usually removed by other predators and it is not possible to identify what was killed. These traps will not kill cats or dogs.

Possums at Snells Beach

It is clear that Snells Beach has a problem with possums, especially in larger bush areas, and Snells Shoreline Conservation Community is now trapping these introduced pests.

Possums do significant damage to the natural environment and are destroyers of both flora and fauna. Not only can they kill birds and raid nests for eggs they also strip away the natural habitat of birds and native insects. They also damage trees: see 7 surprising facts you should know about possums, Predator Free NZ Trust.

If you think you have possums and would like to look for a solution then please get in touch. We can give advice and help you set up traps.

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