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Celebrating the return of the godwits!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

We were planning an event to occur during school holidays to welcome the godwits back to Snells Beach. The event is postponed due to Covid-19, although keep a watch for a rescheduled event.

The kuaka, bar-tailed godwits, are returning very tired and hungry. They undertake the longest non-stop migration of any bird. On mudflats and shores here they feed on crustaceans, molluscs, insects, and annelid worms. While always wary and easily spooked, they are particularly vulnerable at this stage. Minimising disturbance at high tide roost sites is quite important for their survival. They face a real threat from habitat loss, that is causing their numbers to drop worryingly. They are fully protected in New Zealand under the wildlife act.

Below you can find some drawings of the godwits to print off and colour in, or draw your own! We'd love to see them!

Download PDF • 379KB

Download PDF • 787KB

Download PDF • 510KB


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