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Funding won from Predator Free New Zealand

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Snells Shoreline Conservation Community is ecstatic to be awarded funding from Predator Free New Zealand.

In April 2022, our enthusiastic volunteers were one of 13 groups from throughout New Zealand, chosen to receive funds .

Our goal is to create a predator-free shoreline, with pests such as rats and mustelids being our top priority. We are trapping in an urban area with about 1700 backyards, and our strategy is to establish, monitor and maintain lines throughout Snells Beach.

Endemic birds live and breed at Snells Beach and with a well-planned predator trapping programme they can breathe a little easier.

We would like to see a trap in one of every five backyards in our neighbourhood – a dream we are nearer to making a reality with Predator Free New Zealand Trust funding. Snells Shoreline Conservation Community will use the financial support to get traps into the hands of Snells Beach residents.

Early in 2021 Snells Shoreline Conservation Community began planning a backyard trapping initiative with locals. Ridding the beach of rats, mice and mustelids will help protect and improve the Snells Beach ecosystem. We hope it’ll lead to more enjoyment for all – our unique native wildlife and people alike.

Ultimately, we would like our work to link with other predator free projects happening along the coastline with the big picture goal of a predator free Mahurangi Peninsula.


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