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Update on trapping programme at Snells Beach

Snells Shoreline Conservation Community in conjunction with Auckland Council and others are working towards establishing a pest-free trapping programme at Snells Beach.

In some areas we will place tracking tunnels to identify what predators are located in what areas before putting traps in place.

Also, in conjunction with Mahurangi East Library and DOCs Kiwi Guardians we are hosting a backyard detectives event on Wednesday the 20th of April! See the What's On page for video and brochure.

Traps have been loaned to us, donated to us, and awarded to us by Restore Rodney East. Since starting out in spring 2021 we have trapped 65 rats, 19 mice, two weasels, nine hedgehogs and 27 others. These could be mice, rats or hedgehogs, which are most likely, as these were a result of Goodnature traps and sometimes scavengers take what was caught.

Currently, Snells Shoreline Conservation Community does not use any toxins and all traps are in tunnels or boxes to mitigate the risk of any accidents.

Are you interested in getting involved? Contact us at,


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